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Business Acquisitions


Business development can be achieved by organic growth or by acquisition. Acquisitions allow a potentially faster rate of business development, but may not be an appropriate strategy for all.

The risk involved in any acquisition is considerable, particularly where a business is being acquired that the proposed purchaser has no prior knowledge of. Successful acquisitions are always well planned to fit in with the defined strategies of the purchaser.

We will provide a package of services that will assist a prospective purchaser throught the entire process, and will ensure that the acquisition is completed in a highly controlled and efficient manner.

  • Negotiations with sellers and business valuations.
  • Advice and recommendations on deal structures.
  • Assistance with the identification of possible business for acquisition.
  • Due diligence, business plans and financial forecasts.
  • Assistance with the raising of finance for the acquisition and ongoing trading.
  • Advice on business strategies for maximising the benefits of the acquisition.
  • Advice on taxation issues associated with the acquisition.
  • Co-ordinated assistance with your legal team and other professional advisors.
  • Cost and efficiency reviews and post-acquisition consultancy.