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Strategic Planning, Business Plans and Financial Forecasts


As with the economy in general, businesses go through their own cycles.

Knowing where you are in this cycle will have substantial implications for future decision making. New investment may be required to take a business to another level. However the business may have reached a peak in its cycle and the business operators and owners may not wish to take on the risk associated with the new investment, and therefore it may be an appropriate time to consider a disposal. Wherever a business is in its cycle, we can provide specific input into helping businesses to determine future strategy.

This strategy may be enforced by preparing a business plan and financial forecasts, for the short, medium and long-term. We also assist clients with the preparation of business plans and financial forecasts for many other reasons including business finance raising, and for business acquisitions and disposals. Such an exercise can assist businesses in recognising areas of waste and excessive cost that will enable corrective action to be taken.