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Tax Efficient Corporate Restructuring and Incentives

Having the optimum corporate structure for your business can have a significant impact on its administrative costs and its future prospects. Any form of corporate restructuring must always be driven by commercial considerations. However, once a plan is devised and considered, it is also important that the plan is implemented to avoid unnecessary taxation costs.

We also provide specialist advice in the very important area of employee incentivisation.

Business success requires a motivated workforce, and, in the case of a business disposal, the value will generally be enhanced by having a successful management team that is motivated and independent of a departing shareholder. Even in more severe economic times, management incentives can be used successfully as an alternative to salary increases.

We can advise on a number of possible tax efficient share schemes, including the issue of share options under the Enterprise Management Incentives scheme.

Our corporate restructuring can be used to protect assets, assist in business succession, and improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Examples of restructures that have been undertaken include:

  • Restructures to remove a dissenting or retiring shareholder
  • Purchase by a company of its own shares
  • Business amalgamations and the removal of unwanted subsidiaries to improve capital structure and credit-worthiness, and to reduce costs.
  • Indirect demergers to separate different trading activities and to protect assets
  • Corporate mergers to effect cost savings, efficiency improvements and an increase in business value
  • Restructures to protect holding and other group companies from a high-risk business
  • Splitting of trading and non-trading business activities so as to maximize potential tax reliefs
  • Restructuring a company or group to allow greater potential for employees to acquire an interest in the business, and to protect assets